milk-product-aboutUK Camel Milk Ltd was established in 2013. It primary purpose is in the supply of camel milk and camel milk related products in the UK and the rest of the world.  Some of our produts include:

  • Frozen camel milk
  • Camel milk powder
  • Camel milk capsules
  • Soap containing camel milk
  • Cream containing camel milk

A full comprehensive list of our products, their prices and delivery details can be found on the products page.products-about

The benefits of camel milk are well known in the Middle East and Africa, but not so much awareness is currently present in the West.

Milk Composition

  • Protein (g/100g): 3.4
  • Fat (g/100g): 4.2
  • Unsaturated fatty acids: 43%
  • Lactose (g/100g): 4.3
  • Minerals (g/100g): 0.9
  • Energy (kcal/100g): 68.6

The values below are percentages per 100ml milk:


  • Na (mg%): 36
  • K  (mg%): 60
  • Ca (mg%): 132
  • Mg (mg%): 16
  • Zn (mg%): 0.12
  • Fe (mg%): 0.04
  • Cu (mg%): 0.02
  • Mn (mg%): 0.02
  • P (mg%): 58
  • Cl (mg%): 0.16


  • Thiamin (mg%): 0.03
  • Riboflavin (mg%): 0.04
  • B6 (mg%): 0.05
  • B12 (mg%): 0.0002
  • Niacine (mg%): 0.046
  • Pantothenic acid (mg%): 0.09
  • Vitamin E (mg%): 0.027
  • Vitamin C (mg%): 3.6
  • Vitamin A (I.U): 129.1
  • Carotene (mg%): 0.029

Camel milk doesn’t contain beta-lactoglobulin, the protein that plays a role in cow’s milk allergy. Besides camel milk containts several specific proteins, that plays an important role in the defence against bacteria and viruses.

Benefits of Camel Milk

Were you aware that camel milk is the closest milk to human mother’s milk.   It has a whole host of benefits to our health and well being.  Here is just a brief summary of the benefits of camel milk:benefits-about

  • It has triple the amount of vitamin C found in cows milk.
  • It has more antibacterial and antiviral properties then cow milk.
  • It contains an insulin like protein and may benefit people with diabetes.
  • It is low in lactose compared with cow’s milk.
  • It is used for helping those with Eczema and other skin conditions.
  • It is also high in unsaturated fatty acids.