Raw Camel Milk


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Our freshly frozen raw camel milk originates from dromedaries ie from single humped camels. The milk is packed in bottles of 500ml and kept frozen.  Once thawed, it can be kept for three days in the refrigerator.


Note: As camel milk is not processed it is possible that milk fat will float after thawing. In this case the simple solution is to shake well.

Camel milk tastes similar to cow’s milk. Some people experience a slightly salty taste. The diet of cow’s and camel’s is mainly grass what influences the taste of the milk.

Camel milk turns sour more slowly than cow’s milk. The reason being that camel milk contains more substances that slow down the growth of bacteria.

Camel milk coagulates slower in the stomach than cow’s milk. This explains why the substances of the camel milk are easier to move from the stomach and intestine to the bloodstream then the substances of cow’s milk. On the other hand, the advantage is that the quality of the structure of the camel milk doesn’t get lost when it is frozen.


Make sure someone is at the delivery address at the day of delivery.
It is very important that the milk is put in the freezer, directly after delivery.

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